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3°sens is the devoted partner and provider for his customers.
Solutions for key accounts & others...   Solutions for agencies & providers
Our Corporate & Enterprises solutions are turning around a global service package. We provide a complete rich media event set of services and a simultaneous broadcast solution over the web.   We also have a more specific offer for our technical providers and communication agencies. 3°sens can provide a targeted support on only one or several parts of a specific event such as rich media, audiovisual or on line communication.

Our assets  
3°sens, technical expert
Our technical department specify the system to be set up and follows up the entire process all along the way.
3°sens, location prescriber
We know very well the specificities of Paris event places, studios and hotels. We have a ready-to-use list of places we can provide even if you are in a rush mode.
3°sens, single point of contact
We can manage the various interlocutors: internal or external providers in order to bring you the simplicity of only one contact.
3°sens, expertise network
We select the specific skills according to your technical needs : producer, designer, engineer, technicians,...
3°sens, logistics provider
We like to coordinate and manage the entire technical project. So that we can ensure the smooth functioning of the event.
3°sens, proactive strategy
3°sens is able to study/conceive with you your new projects with you. We like challenges. Give us an idea and we will meet your expectations and even more.
Quid of communication
Audio and/or video broadcast over the web in live, on-demand or downloading mode.
Rich Media
Interative synchronization of different medias content (audio/video files, photos, Powerpoint presentations...) in a single ergonomic and accessible internet template.
On-line communication
Unlike to off-line communication (in traditional medias), on-line communication is using the internet network and technologies to spread its message (webcast, blogs, social networks...).
Process of delivering audiovisual streams gradually and constantly over the internet - live or on-demand - instead of downloading it.
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